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With more than a decade of industry presence, d’Katia has always been fascinated with novel business concepts and have proven experience in successful implementation of such projects. one of the first online food ordering portals in India was a product from d’Katia Software Technologies was selected as one amongst the Top 100 tech startups in India in 2012 and in 2014, it was selected as Kerala’s Top 10 promising startups. Our recently launched product CampGain App, a completely customizable & personalized social media application for Election Campaign management & Brand promotion through referral marketing is elected for US electoral college. 

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We envision ourselves as the market leader in the Student Management Systems domain providing a world-class solutions to academic institutions across the world at affordable prices. Our aspiration to be the reliable, innovative, and most trusted Software Solution provider in the IT industry is backed by a team of professionals shaped and molded by their collective experiences in multiple domains and driven with an unrelenting passion for success.


We intend to make our ERP solutions accessible to all our clients by leveraging the prolific technical expertise and bringing in possible customizations that matches client expectations. Our aim is to help all the educational institutions excel by focusing on its core objectives and leave the daily mundane work to be taken care by our ERP Solution thereby creating a better educational ecosystem.

Our Values


We recognize that the foundation of our growth and success is the unadulterated service that we offer to our clients. We value all individuals and practice integrity in all business practices.

Mutual Respect

We are determined to build a company culture based on superior performance, success through teamwork, respect and recognition for the individual, diverse and challenging work, and flexible and rewarding career opportunities for our employees.

Personal Excellence

We strive for operational and service excellence through a relentless focus on

  • People– recruiting, developing and retaining top talent
  • Process– Maintaining quality of design and quality of conformance
  • Clients– significantly and continually enhancing client satisfaction with our services
CareerBook ERP currently has a client base of more than 160 institutions and more than two Lakh Students in the Student Management Systems. The acquisitions were mainly through references from satisfied clients. We were also able to acquire client groups by offering the feature of consolidation which helped to achieve the higher client number quickly. This mode of acquisition was the most preferred mode for us as the stakeholders of the major institutions are well connected and the word of mouth moves fast. We are planning to spread our wings beyond Kerala and have started acquisitions in Gujarat and Delhi. We would be looking for more acquisitions by creating resellers of the product in each market.

D'Katia Quality Policy

Our quality policy ensures that we are committed to delivering products and services that exceed the customer expectations in terms of performance, innovativeness and user usability. We are also committed to creating environments that motivates and provides high level of motivation to our employees.

erp for schools

d’ Katia, as an ERP vendor, works closely with you to understand your business objectives and assess your current systems and processes. d’ Katia’s Student Management Systems software solutions range from easy-to-deploy, high impact reporting, and analytic solutions to comprehensive integrated enterprise applications, built to address your specific business needs on a cloud platform.

d’ Katia’s Solutions are used by leading corporations in various industries, some of them are, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Automotive, Food and Beverage, High-Tech and IT, Government and Public Sector, Financial Services, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, and many others.

erp for schools
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Workflows are designed by industry experts with years and years of experience which will be Optimizing productivity and recognizing an immediate return on investment. These are common business drivers for the organizations we serve. Planning forward, we look beyond the present for Scaling up to meet future needs. This is a must in business and is in Our vision is to be "Thinking Ahead" to your tomorrow.

school management software company

Our extended support to our clients and making our clients’ client Happy is the way we work. We work on a complete stable solution approach.

About d’Katia

d’Katia Software Technologies provides business and technical solutions that are used by many customers around the world to achieve optimal results for their business information systems. d’Katia Software Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leader in enterprise software and technical services with cloud based innovative software. D’Katia has corporate headquarters in India which is located in Cochin, Kerala. Australia and New Zealand operations are handled by d’Katia Software Technologies from Auckland New Zealand.


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